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What if I wear BIFOCAL glasses. Can Orthokeratology work for me?
Yes. In the case of bifocal eyeglasses we can provide you with mono-vision correction. One eye is fitted for distance and the other is fit for reading. Many people who are now wearing traditional contact lenses are currently being fit this way. Orthokeratology reacts the same. It may sound strange but it works.
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Can children be treated with Orthokeratology?
Definitely yes! There are no age restrictions. In fact, children are even the best candidates for Orthokeratology as anecdotal evidence is showing the procedure tends to “slow down” or “arrest” progressive myopia (nearsightedness). Additionally, because Ortho-K lenses are worn only while sleeping, it presents a more controlled environment against loss, damage, and contamination than traditional daily wear contact lenses.

Can anyone benefit through Orthokeratology?
At present, only “nearsightedness” (those who can’t see at a distance) can be corrected with Ortho-K lenses. Some degree of astigmatism is ok. After an examination, we will advise you if you are not a good candidate.

What do I need to get started with Orthokeratology?
If the current prescription in your eyeglasses is “up to date”, that’s all we need. If you need an eye examination we can have that done for you in our office.

Is there a charge for a consultation?
No! If you are interested in a free consultation to see if you are a good candidate for Orthokeratology, please feel free to contact: Richard J. Casselli R.O. • (519) 749-0592 KW Orthokeratology Clinic, 131 Union Street East, Suite 102, Waterloo, Ontario, N2J 1C4

What is the cost of Orthokeratology?
As everyone’s eye prescription is different, fees for Orthokeratology are determined on a case by case basis. After a careful pre-fit examination financial terms may be discussed. We accept Visa, Master Card and Interac for payment.

Is Orthokeratology safe?
In “A Guide to Overnight Orthokeratology” (Polymer Technology Corporation, Second Edition, September 2002 ), the safety issue is addressed as follows: “ Questions have arisen regarding the safety of fitting a rigid contact lens for the purpose of intentionally changing the shape (flattening) of the cornea”. Studies over time indicate that Ortho-K wear is safe with no permanent adverse visual and corneal physiological effects.”

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